Wedding Invitations – Trends for 2017

Whether you’re planning your wedding or have been married 20 years, the excitement of seeing the latest in wedding accessories rushes us to wedding sites and blogs with the beginning of a new year. From New York City to Paris, seeing the latest trends can captivate us for hours. In 2017, there are wedding trends to suit every bride and groom, no matter the type of wedding they are planning. From gifts for the Mother In Law to wedding décor, B&G have you covered so why not check out our wedding accessory shop?

2017 Wedding Stationery Designs
It’s Your Wedding!

Having a modern look is great, but your wedding should match who you are. After all, it is all about you! What your wedding will be like is captured in that first glance at the wedding invitations. Couples are showing their own style with their wedding stationery, be it bright and brash or soft and sophisticated. Personalisation is key: express yourself and don’t be shy to experiment with various designs, fonts, textures and layouts till you get the unique end product that is absolutely you.


Wedding Themes


Couples have been choosing to add themes to their weddings over the past few years, and they are introducing that theme with their wedding invites and carrying that theme through with their other wedding stationery to keep the theme consistent. Whether your theme is Butterflies or Medieval Times, your invitations, thank you cards and envelopes should reflect that theme with their colours, fonts and designs.

butterfly wedding invitation theme


Colour Me Happy


Watercolours are a long-standing traditional look for wedding invitations. They work well with vintage themes and give a certain charm and elegance to classic wedding stationery. However, many couples are now choosing to embrace their heritage and proudly display it in bright, vibrant colours and designs that capture their lineage.


Size Does Matter


Pocket wedding invitations are becoming wildly popular because they are both functional and fashionable. Not only can you announce your nuptials, but you can provide them with the wedding itinerary, reception address, maps and information on local hotels, all with organisation in mind!

pocket wedding invitation


Eco-friendly Weddings


From donating leftover wedding food to recycling bridesmaid dresses, couples are conscientious of their wedding’s carbon footprint. This also extends to their stationery use. The traditional Save the Date cards are now scrutinised as excessive and Earth-friendly stationery is in high demand. However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise the look of your wedding invites. There are many choices now to keep your invitations, thank you cards and other stationery eco-friendly.


Planning a wedding is an exciting time, and looking at the latest 2017 trends can help you decide what you want for your wedding and pick the right invitations to send to your guests. Discover the newest wedding invitations for 2017.

After all, your invitations and other stationery will set the tone for your wedding even before your guests arrive. Take a look at what’s on offer in the impressive wedding invitation collection.

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