Top 6 Wedding Thank You Card Tips

The wedding gifts you get are tangible expressions of your friends’ and family’s warm wishes for the happy couple. Show your gratitude for their thoughtfulness with wedding thank you cards that tell them what’s in your heart. After planning your wedding and rushing off to a glorious honeymoon, you might feel a bit strapped for time to write all those thank you cards, but having a system in place can make things simpler and ensure that you send your thanks in a timely fashion.

Wedding Thank You Cards

1. Order in Advance


You know you’ll need them after the ceremony, so buy your wedding thank you cards in advance. Ordering them at the same time as your wedding invitations makes sense. You can choose cards that fit with your wedding colours and themes if you’d like a more formal look, or you could opt for cards with a touch of whimsy; both are appropriate for thank you cards.


2. Get Organised


When addressing your invitations, keep your address file organised. You’ll need this information again within a short time for your thanks. Many brides keep this information stored on a computer and printed out as a hard copy so there’s no chance of losing important data.

Ribbons Fuchsia Thank You Card


3. Start Early


Write your thank yous as gifts come in rather than waiting until after the ceremony and attempting to do it all in an evening. Depending on the size of your wedding, that could be a sure recipe for writer’s cramp, so work on a few cards a day. Another possibility is splitting the duties with your partner; while he writes the thank you cards for his guests, she handles her guests’ thank yous. It’s considered proper to wait until after the ceremony to sign your married name, but signing just your first name is appropriate for close friends and family. Besides, no one will know if you cheat a bit on your dates and sign a few days before the wedding.


4. Save Gift Tags


As you open your gifts, jot down information about the gift and the giver on the gift tag. Store your gift tags together so you’ll have an easily accessible record of each presents’ origin. When it’s time to write your wedding thank you cards, pop open the box of gift tags and jog your memory of each gift. This system also makes writing your thank yous more enjoyable, as you’ll have the chance to reminisce about the gift and its giver. You’ll write your best work when you’re inspired.

Cool Britannia Thank You Card


5. Mention the Gift


Personalise each thank you card with a mention of the gift itself and a few lines about how you plan to enjoy the gift. You don’t have to write a novel on each card, but letting your guests know just how much their thoughtfulness and generosity is appreciated is a gracious thing to do.


6. Express Your Gratitude


Thank your guests for their presence as well as their presents whenever possible. Writing a line or two about how pleased you were to see someone at the ceremony is always welcome.

A thank you card is about more than just showing your appreciation for a gift; it’s also about connecting with someone who wanted to be a part of such a special day for you. Enjoy this chance to offer your thanks to everyone who shared their love and best wishes with you on your wedding day. Find an appropriate design to suit your wedding’s style, shop the thank you wedding card selection.