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Wedding Invites, as well as a showing your love and commitment for one another, display your individual style and personality.

Whether you are searching for a traditional flat style invitation, a more contemporary pocket style invite, or a folding invitation such as a gatefold invite, our Shop by Style feature allows you to browse our wedding invitations in your chosen invitation style. Simply click Shop by Style in the left hand menu.

Invitation Styles

Our invitations are available in many different shapes, sizes and styles. Our most popular designs are the gatefold style of invitation which open from the middles outwards. This can be either a vertical or horizontal opening to reveal your wedding details on the inside.

Another of our most popular styles is the pocket invitation. These invites are designed with an outer pocket, and an inner card design which slides out to reveal your details.

Other styles we have developed include side folds, top folds, z folds, start folds and many more! All our invitations include an icon in the left hand corner to explain which type of style that design is. See the key below for more details!


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