What to Include in Your Wedding Menu

Unlike the rest of the day, which is undeniably about the bride and groom, mealtimes at weddings are about the guests. As far as your guests are concerned, the food at your wedding can either make or break their experience of the day; a bad meal can put a damper on even the most perfect of ceremonies. You can avoid any mishaps by following these simple hints and tips.

Lovesong Mandalay Wedding Menu

Remind Your Guests

It is important to let your guests know where and when they will be eating, especially if you have different venues for the ceremony and reception.This should initially be on the invitation, but it can’t hurt to repeat the information on the day – your guests might not have looked at the invitation since receiving it months ago.

Similarly, if you allow guests to select their own meal from a list of options, it may be worthwhile reminding them of their selection on the day, as people will quite often forget their decision. Individual menus are a great way to do this, and can double up as place settings.

Planning the Menu

Remember to take into account your guests’ dietary requirements. Whether due to allergies, religion, or moral decisions, there’s no point in you paying for a meal that won’t be eaten. Find out guests’ requirements in advance, and if you’re ever unsure, consult with your caterer and guests to ease your mind.

Visualise your guests eating the meals you have selected to identify potential pit-falls, such as serving beetroot soup to friends in wedding finery, or giving your guests garlic breath for the duration of the day. It’s always advisable to try the full menu out for yourself before you make any final decisions.

Sample Menu

Printing Your Menu

Your wedding menu should be clear and concise – avoid intricate font that might be hard to read, and unnecessary information, such as the weight of meat. You may wish to detail what drinks are available, and which foods contain allergens, particularly where guests help themselves to food, such as buffets and barbecues.

It might be helpful to let your guests know when speeches are being made, and the cake is being cut, so they can leave the room for short breaks without missing these important moments.

Menu Style

Menus for weddings should be as much a part of the day as anything else, so co-ordinate the design to fit your chosen colours or theme; perhaps create your menus along with matching wedding stationery.

Traditional Wedding Menu

Ideally, the wedding theme, food, and menu should all fit in well together. A traditional Scottish wedding, for example, might be amiss in serving Chinese food. Your venue should also be a consideration: a medieval banquet with menus printed on scrolls would work well in a castle but might be overkill in a countryside pub.

3 Reasons to Buy Wedding Invites Online

The digital age continues to grow and gives us alternatives new alternatives to our everyday lives. When it comes to buying wedding invites online, there are many advantages over the print shops that make this an appealing option. In fact, there’s far more to be gained when shopping online! And here’s why:


Looking for wedding invitations online means discovering many fantastic collections and product ranges, something you wouldn’t possibly achieve by hoofing it from shop to shop. What’s more, browsing through various wedding stationery designs can become a source of inspiration and help you decide on a theme for the wedding, if you are still contemplating it. With so many choices at the click of a mouse, you are guaranteed to find something suitable to equal the occasion from most simplistic styles to extravagant designs.


You also get to check the latest trends, sort the intimidating range of products by colour or theme, find best sellers and read product reviews to help you make the final choice. Having the freedom to shop 24/7 changes the way we make plans, knowing that whilst others are sleeping or after the shops have closed, there is still an opportunity to leisurely browse the collections.


Unlike traditional retail shops, buying wedding invites online means a greater opportunity to personalise your wedding stationery by combining various styles, colours, card types and fonts for creating the finished design that reflects your personal taste. This ability to “try things on”, so to speak, can result in wedding stationery that touches the hearts of everyone involved.

From choosing a design, or ordering a sample, to entering your information and previewing online – you get to change your mind and edit your order before finalising it. Our experienced customer service team is ready to offer help or advice to make sure you find the products that meet your unique needs.

Personalised Wedding Invitation - Vintage Rose

Savings, Deals and Promotions

Internet retailers tend to have significantly less overheads than shops with premises, and the benefits can be passed on to the customer through pricing. This doesn’t mean to suspend one’s better judgement, as it is still quite possible to part with a pretty big chunk of change getting wedding invites made. However, free sample services can prevent any possible disappointment before you even spend a penny!


And finally, don’t underestimate seasonal promotions: make sure to browse the items currently offered at a reduced price as you may find just the right stationery at 30-50% off. If you plan to place a significant order, you could also earn extra items added such as a free wedding photo album.

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Greater variety, convenience, unlimited personalisation options and lower prices make shopping for wedding invites online less stressful for many busy couples.