28 Super Important Questions To Ask Your Photographer


It’s not always easy knowing if you’re booking the perfect photographer for your wedding. There are so many niggling thoughts that can build up to some serious Bridal anxiety.


- Will I feel comfortable in those truly intimate moments? 
- Does he/she have the experience I’m looking for? 
- And, of course, what if the weather isn’t perfect, say it rains and he/she has no experience of shooting in the rain? 

Wedding photography can cause some serious sleepless nights!

Fortunately, getting the right photographer almost always comes down to asking the right questions. Knowing what to ask and what type of answers you are looking for can save you a ton of worry, and can help you move on to the important aspects of your wedding, like buying that oh-so hot dress or shoe shopping! So much more important. 

To help you focus on what you desire we have devised 28 questions to ask your photographer and let us know in the comments if you have any others you would like to add… 

1. What EXACTLY is included in the package? DVD, Download, Edits?

Will the package include prints, or will it simply be digital copies? How many hours do you get on the big day and do you have an overtime rate? Make sure you know EXACTLY what you are getting for your money.

2. Do you take a deposit? If so, when is the full balance due?

An obvious question, but one that couples so often forget! Find out exactly how much you owe the photographer and when you will be expected to pay the full balance. Imagine the panic come the end of the month when the photographer expects the balance paid in full. This is the stuff of credit card horror films!

3. How much do you charge for an extra hour?

From the ceremony that easily overran, to the best man who CANNOT stop blabbering on; trust me when I say your wedding day will be gone before you know it! Make sure you have the photographer booked for the full event to ensure that they aren’t clocking off minutes before you shake your thing for the first dance.

4. Does that include prints? If not, how much do they cost?

It’s not really a “trick” but it is something you should be wary of; many photographers will leave printed photographs out of their packages. Ask directly if your package includes prints and if not how much extra prints will cost. If they aren’t included it is a great idea to get recommendations for printed photographs from your photographer, as they will have sourced their own trusted, high quality suppliers, saving you much needed precious wedding planning time.

5. What is your cancellation policy?

Will you need one? Probably not. However a cancellation policy shows you that the photographer is experienced and prepared for all eventualities.

6. How many image edits will I receive?

What? What’s an image edit? Well, let’s just say, image edits are the wedding pictures you pin on Pinterest, they are the ones your best friend uploaded on Facebook and they are the ones your photographer will advertise on his or her website. Most photographers will only provide a handful of image edits up front, as they may snap 10 or even 20 of the same shot to get the angle perfect and you are just provided with 1 of these edits. Find your value for money by accessing how many edited images you get included in your package!

7. Are digital photos supplied via USB, DVD, or Download?

How many people still own DVD players (err… HELLO, Netflix!)? Most photographers will prefer supplying via USB, yet some may still be stuck in the age of disk formatting so it is worthwhile to check.

8. How would describe your photography style?

Are you a vintage bride who is loves the dark and brooding atmosphere a vintage wedding creates? Are you a destination bride who is saying ‘I Do’ in all of suns glory? Photography can cover so many different styles, so ensure your photographer’s style matches your theme by asking them this often enlightening question.

9. Do you provide your own lighting?

Some shots, especially during the shorter days, will require lighting. Photographers will often provide their own lighting, but it’s always worth knowing in advance.

10. Are you insured?

I’m sure I don’t have to lecture you on the hectic ways of weddings. The children bouncing from room to room, the drinks flowing and, of course, the scramble for a falling bouquet are all prime opportunities for damaged cameras. Ensure your photographer has adequate insurance to cover himself for any damage to his/her oh-so expensive equipment.

11. Do you have a qualification in photography or are you self-taught?

Not that the answer to this question really matters – you can be just as talented teaching your self photography as any degree or qualification paper may verify. This question is just a way of getting an idea of your photographer’s experience and how he/she came into the photography trade. A little history lesson is always a nice ice breaker.

12. Will you have assistants with you on the day?

Assistants are a must! There are so many angles during the ceremony that a photographer will need to capture. The bride gallantly walking down the aisle, the groom waiting nervously at the altar, and of course, the all enthralling kiss to seal your marriage; all these moments need to be captured from multiple angles.

13. What will you wear on the day?

Jeans and a T-shirt? Errr, nuh. A professional photographer will have suitable clothing available, but if you have any special attire requests (Harry Potter Wedding!) then it may be best to inform the photographer in advance.

14. What is your turnaround time?

The wait for your wedding photographs can be a painful one. Make sure you know in advance when you should expect to receive them!

15. Will it be you photographing my wedding?

It may sound like a stupid question, but with the rise of proxy photography it’s always nice to have that little bit of confidence that the guy you’re interviewing for the role will be your actual photographer on the day.

16. What is your contingency plan for “illness” or “unforeseen” circumstances?

The most important question you can ask a photographer. Does your photographer have suitable contingency plans for illness? What if some unforeseen emergency arises, like a missed flight? Who will cover their place? Can we see examples of their photography too? Forget to ask these questions and you could end up compiling your wedding day album from Cousin Jeremy’s Instagram snaps!

17. Can I request certain shots?

Most photographers will be more than happy to meet any of your requirements, but they will have a pre-planned schedule of what they’d like to shoot. Invite the photographer to contribute advice when planning your schedule for the day.

18. Are you comfortable shooting me getting ready?

From capturing your final moments with Dad before you walk down the aisle, to shooting that perfect first kiss; your wedding is going to be enthralled by so many intimate moments. Make sure you and the photographer feel comfortable shooting both the emotionally intimate and skin intimate (getting ready!) moments.

19. How many weddings do you shoot per year?

Another sneaky way of saying ‘How experienced are you?’ – asking this question helps give you an idea of how experienced (and how in demand) they really are. 20 weddings per year is on the higher end for most photographers I know!

20. How much time do you allot for…? Bride/Family/Guests

Now, most photographers will have a preliminary plan of how they would like your wedding photography to pan out. Ok, most likely this will vary greatly on the actual day, but a trained photographer with plenty of experience will know to the nearest half an hour how much time they need to photograph your whole wedding party.

21. Can we see a FULL set of images from a recent wedding you shot?

Most photographers will only post their edited and best photography in online portfolios. To help you examine their qualities fairly, ask for a FULL set of shots from a recent wedding.

22. How many weddings have you shot in your career?

1, 2 or 500? Experience is key and although every wedding photographer needs to start somewhere, I’m sure we can all admit that we want the perfect photographs to remember our special day.

23. Do you have any past customers I could call?

We can check TripAdvisor for venue references, we can check Yell.com for vendor references, but when it comes to photography, apart from carefully placed reviews, finding references to give you the confidence to book can be a little tricky. Your photographer will more than likely have some past customers they would be happy for you to call, and if they don’t, well, what does that tell you? Hmm.

24. Have you worked at “Said” venue before?

A photographer with great experience, coming at a great price and with experience shooting weddings at your venue? BONUS. Always ask, they may have some advice and oh-so funny tales.

25. Do you include discount engagement sessions?

Hey – we get it ok. This may sound cheeky, but engagement sessions can be a great way to get to know your photographer. We all need a wedding discount somewhere!

26. Can you tell us our rights in terms of the images and how they can be used?

Image rights is a huge issue for photographers. In our digital world it’s so easy to claim a photograph is your original work and the use and distribution of photography is a growing problem with social media. Find out what your rights are in advance.

27. Will you be using our photos in a commercial capacity?

Don’t fancy being published in every wedding magazine for the next century? Find out if your photographer intends to use your photos in a commercial capacity. Your best photographs will more than likely appear in your photographer’s portfolio, but if you don’t want your images to be used in a commercial capacity, notify your photographer in advance.

28. Do you charge clients to transfer the rights of your photography?

Most won’t charge you to transfer the rights, but it’s always worth knowing and signing the rights in advance instead of being held to ransom after the wedding.

Bonus Advice for The Bride & Groom

Chat to your photographer.

The above questions are great, but getting know your photographer as a person is better. They will be taking some highly intimate photographs and you both need to feel comfortable in his/her presence. There is nothing worse than a Bride & Groom who feel wary in the presence of a camera.

Make a decision over guest photography.

While your Uncle Derek’s latest Nikon D25 Double Zoom camera may be great, it’s got nothing on your photographer’s equipment.  Also, do you want all your photographs on Instagram before you get the chance to take a look over them? Most couples don’t have an issue, but, you know, each to their own.

Feeding the photographer is part of proper wedding etiquette.

Ok so he’s been with you since 6am, he’s trailed round the ceremony doing anything and everything to get “that shot” and it’s pushing 5pm and he/she has still not sat down for a bite to eat or a caffeine boost. Keep your photographer energized with a meal. Unless of course you want some weary looking photos!

Notify guests of the official photographer.

The iPhone 6 looks pretty cool, but when it’s photobombing your wedding vows – not so cool. Ask a groomsman to notify guests of the official photographer. He’s the one who will get the best shots, and, well, you did pay him all that money.

Don’t panic about the weather.

What’s the problem bridey? It’s a bit of rain! If you book an experienced photographer, he or she will have no problem executing the perfect shot – whatever the weather. Bonus: Bring cute umbrellas and oh-so red hot wellies. Once in a lifetime shots guaranteed!

Nominate a member of the wedding party to be the ‘Go-To-Guy’ 

This is usually the joint duties of the Best Man and Maid of Honour, but if they are stuck with something a little more important on the day, opt to appoint a groomsman or, Aunt Aileen, who is known for always being strictly organised. They are the ‘Go-to-Guy’ for your photographer, and they’ll play the role of ‘sheep herder’, ‘tour guide’ and ‘mega phone’ all rolled into one on the day. 

Looking for more Wedding Photography advice? See our Top 5 things to know for your wedding photography.

Are you worried about wedding photography? Let us know your woes in the comments below and we’ll try our best to advise!


How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress 101: Learn The Style

wedding dress shoppingCredit: DelicaBridal

This is it! It’s finally here, it’s time to finally buy (or rent) your very own gown of your dreams. For me, personally, this has to be THE most exciting, fun filled activity of planning your wedding and one that we are sure you’ve been looking forward to since the engagement ring was barely on your finger. As with most significant moments in planning a wedding, we’re sure you have hundreds of little anxieties which are running riot through your mind.

These were my most common worries:

What do the different styles of dress mean? 
What if I never find the ‘one’?
What if I look ‘fat’ or ‘frumpy’?  

Suffering from any similar worries? Of course you are. The dress is the single most important part of your wedding look and finding something exquisite is top of the agenda. Before you go bridal shopping it’s important you have a little understanding of the type of dress you’re looking for and how each style can complement (or not) your figure.

Although there is no exact science behind finding a wedding dress, it really is a case of trying dress after beautiful gown after stunning dress on (oh yes!), there are several theories between matching your body figure with a dress style that can make visiting the gown shop a little easier and a whole lot more fun.

Oh, and if you’re still struggling, why not take our Wedding Dress Style Quiz! 

Let’s start with getting to know your body type…

Understanding Your Body Type

From apples to pears, hourglasses to rectangles, understanding body shapes and trying to figure out which body shape you slot into can be a little confusing. The most important element to remember is that these shapes are just a guide. While the fashion industry likes to define each body shape in extreme detail, we’ve listed below the 4 most important body shapes when it comes to choosing a wedding dress. Try to figure out which body shape you match, but don’t worry if you can’t find one exactly right for you.

PearCredit: PlusModelMag

Pear: (Also referred to as “Inverted Triangle”)

Ladies with this body figure are quite often referred to as the “pear” and will be slender through the neck, shoulders and bust while carrying more weight below the waist.

Main Traits:

- Smaller Bust
- Narrow Shoulders
- Wide Hips

Celebrity Pear: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Celebrity Pear

Credit: Look-Fabulous

rectangleCredit: PlusModelMag

Rectangle: (Also referred to as “Banana” “Slender”)

Ladies with this body figure are quite often referred to as the “rectangle” and will have shoulders and hips that are approximately the same width.

Main Traits:

- Shoulders and hips are approximately at the same width
- Typically athletic or slim build

Celebrity Rectangle: Cameron Diaz

cameron diazCredit: TheFashionDealer

HourglassCredit: PlusModelMag


Ladies with this body figure are quite often referred to as the “hourglass” and will often have shoulders and hips that are approximately the same width, but with a clearly defined waist.

Main Traits:

- Shoulder and hip approximately the same width
- Clearly defined waist
- Defined body “curves”

Celebrity Hourglass: Beyoncé Knowles

Beyonce Hourglass figureCredit: BronzeMagOnline

Apple Body ShapeCredit: PlusModelMag

Apple: (Also referred to as “Triangle”)

Ladies with this body figure are quite often referred to as the “apple” and will often have a big bust with their weight distributed above the hips and around the stomach.

Main Traits:

- A well endowed bust
- Carry weight above the hips
- Undefined waist line

Celebrity Apple: Catherine Zita Jones

Catherine Zita Jones

Credit: LookFabulous

Understanding Dress Styles

The type of dress you decide to go for will depend on a million and one factors. One of those factors is the type of dress style you’re looking for and how that complements your figure. There are 6 main dress styles known by their design names as The Ball Gown, The A Line, The Trumpet, The Mermaid, The Sheath, and finally, The Mini. Each differ in their fit and flow, and can be found in hundreds of variations in Bridal stores across the country. Understanding dress styles, the themes they match and the figures they complement should make picking your wedding dress so much easier.

From the dramatic sheath to the sassy mermaid; get clued up on this vital wedding lingo!

From the dramatic sheath to the sassy mermaid; get clued up on this vital wedding lingo!

Ball Gown EditedCredit: PreownedWeddingDresses

Ball Gown: 

You’re the princess Bride and you deserve a dress to match. Let your inner fairy tale blossom with the Ball Gown style. Ideal for ladies looking for a classic or modern affair, this dress comes fitted at the bodice and flares into a full skirt.

Perfect for: Pear and Apple shapes or Slender figures

Should be avoided by: Petites

Theme Match: Fairytale Wedding

2014 Ball Gown Example: Hayley Paige – 2014 Fall Collection

Example Ball Gown Wedding DressCredit: JLMCourture

A Line EditedCredit: PreownedWeddingDresses


The perfect all-rounder, this dress will fit seamlessly to any wedding theme. With styles ranging from classic demure to oh-so hot, this dress will knock your groom off his feet. Ideal for ladies looking for a traditional affair, this dress comes fitted at the bodice and flows from the waist to the ground.

Perfect for: Everyone

Should be avoided by: No one

Theme Match: Traditional or Classic Wedding

2014 A Line Example: Stella York – 2014 Fall Collection

Example A Line Wedding DressCredit: ColinCowlieWeddings

Trumpet EditedCredit: PreownedWeddingDresses


If your groom is still on his feet after seeing you in this dress we will be surprised! Made to bring out your inner sass this dress is a super-hot modern design. Ideal for ladies looking to try something a little different, but not too different, this dress is fitted through the body before flaring out like a trumpet mid-thigh.

Perfect for: Hourglass and Rectangular figures.

Should be avoided by: Pear and Apple figures.

Theme Match: Chic/Traditional Wedding

2014 Trumpet Example: Tailoo - 2014 Fall Collection

example trumpet wedding dressCredit: Tailoo

Mermaid Edited

Credit: PreownedWeddingDresses


You’re the whimsical bride and you deserve an enchanting dress to match. Let the magic of your special day flow from your dress with this show stopping mermaid style. Be daring with this tight fit design and let it flare like a mermaid from shin to hem.

Perfect for: Hourglass or Rectangular figures.

Should be avoided by: Pear and Apple shapes.

Theme Match: Traditional/Classic Wedding

2014 Mermaid Example: Forever Yours Bridals

Example Mermaid Wedding DressCredit: Bridal Guide

Sheath EditedCredit: PreownedWeddingDresses


You’re the vintage bride and no doubt you have Gatsby, Retro or the booming 20’s in mind for your wedding theme. Only for the daring bride, this sheath design is a dress that simply flows from neckline to hem and flatters the natural contours of your body beautifully.

Perfect for: Rectangular, Slender or Hourglass figures.

Should be avoided by: Pear and Apple shapes.

Theme Match: Vintage Wedding

2014 Sheath Example: ReemArca New York – 2014 Fall Collection

Example Sheath Wedding Dress

Credit: TheWeddingScoop

Mini Edited

Credit: PreownedWeddingDresses


Mini, shall we say any more? Accentuate your legs with this adorable short skirt wedding dress. This dress is an iconic rustic dress which would be ideal for ladies with a slender or hourglass body shape, however it should be avoided by pear and apple shapes.

Perfect for: Slender and Hourglass figures.

Should be avoided by: Pear and Apple figures.

Theme Match: Offbeat/Rustic Wedding

2014 Mini Example: WeddingConcepts

Example Mini Wedding DressCredit: WeddingConcepts

Can’t wait for our next edition of “Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress”? Take the Wedding Dress Style Quiz

7 Super Cute Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaids. How could we Brides-to-be ever live without them? They play such a crucial role in your wedding and have attended to your every need.

So, after a year of showering you in attention, lending their shoulders for your tears, following you like little ducklings from Bridal store number one to Bridal store number 50 etc; it’s time to start thinking about your thank you gifts for them.

Cute Gifts for Bridesmaids

Photo Credit: BridesofAdelaide

But what do you get them? Panic Ensues. Rings? Bracelets? Mugs? Photo Frames? How much should you spend? Personalised or Not Personalised? Useful or Memorable? There’s so many elements to consider!

Here at Bride & Groom Direct, we like to think a bridesmaid gift should always be personal between you and the bridesmaid. Something that comes straight from your heart and that will be kept for a lifetime to come. This may mean you’re buying 7 separate presents, but that’s why we’ve suggested 7 super cute bridesmaid gifts for you to consider. Take a look…

Heart Shaped LocketFrom Your Heart. This heart shaped locket is the perfect way to open up your heart and thank your maid for all her help. Have the locket made extra-sweet by personalising it with her name or even add a photo for that oh-so important thank you.

Engraved Shot GlassShots Shots Shots. From the grubby old bars in the centre of town, to your two week holiday hitting the cocktail bars on the sunset strip; we all have a bridesmaid in our lives who is no stranger to a shot (or five!) of tequila. Embrace some of your funniest memories with one of these personalised shot glasses. Made with the personal elements in mind; have the glass engraved with your maids name and a loving message.

Ornate Swirl Wine Glass

Say When. They say the most expensive part of being a Bridesmaid is all the wine you have to drink. Let your maid reminisce about planning your special day every time she accidently buys wine instead of milk (wink!), with this stylish ornate wine glass. Each glass comes personalised with the maids name and your wedding date. So sweet!

keep calm compact mirrorKeep Calm and Plan On. From your favourite venue being booked up, to the never-ending flitting from dress shop to dress shop trying to find THE dress; we all have a maid who knows how to calm you down and keep you focused when planning your wedding. Say a special thank you to this maid with one of these glamourous compact mirrors. Personalised with your maids name engraved across the front, this mirror is the perfect personalised gift to truly encompass how much your lucky lady means to you.

Flower Charm BraceletCharm Girl. Let one of the golden girls in your crew go glitz and glam with the gift of one of our absolutely adorable Flower Charm Bracelets. Coloured in pastels and pretty pinks, this endearing bracelet will be a charming reminder of your big day for years to come.

Personalised Heart SlateA Forever-Ever Gift. For the home-bird in your party who is forever adding cute rustic items to her nest, look no further than this stylish hand cut heart slate. Engraved with your personal wedding details this pretty gift will be a perfect addition to the home of one of your most cherished bridesmaids.

Heart AtomiserStraight From the Heart. From helping you try on 101 different wedding shoes, to rushing you down the aisle; planning a wedding can be perspiring work for your maids. With this in mind perfect your maids perfume with the gift of this gorgeous Heart Atomiser.  Thee perfect wedding thank you for all your Bridesmaids, and you can engrave the front of the atomiser with your own personal message.

Are you planning something special for your lucky ladies? Let us know in the comments below!


15 Things To Do In The First Few Months After You’re Engaged!

Just got engaged? Hoorah! It’s time to celebrate and show off that new shiny, sparkly rock. Who do you call first? Mum or Dad? Best friend or Brother? Phew… Done, done, done. Now what?

just engagedPhoto Credit: ClosertoLovePhotography via BridalMusings

After all the initial excitement has run its course you may be feeling just a tad lost at what to do next. Don’t worry! This is totally normal. Even if you’ve been planning your dream wedding since you were six, there will always be the initial err… umhh… umm. To take a load of your mind here are 15 things to do in the first few months after you’re engaged.

1. Get Your Ring Insured.

Hey, we get it – insurance can be expensive. However in the many months running up to your wedding and the many activities that will be sweeping you off your feet, losing THE ring is the last stress you want occupying your mind. Get insurance and wear that sparkling beauty with pride (and peace of mind).

2. Time for a Manicure.

This shouldn’t take too much convincing. The weeks and months after your engagement is stressful enough as it is — don’t put yourself under more pressure by showing off your new rock with cracked nails or calluses. Smile and show off that pretty little ring with pride.

3. Get Appy!

Are we living in the future or are we living in the future? Apps that can literally plan a wedding for us? Bingo! When Mum was planning her wedding I bet she had to wait till she was home to consult a planning diary. Nuh-uh, no more. Now, with our clever little iPhone’s we can plan on the go. Download, Update, Go!

4. Plan a Holiday.

Do not…and we repeat…do not jump straight into planning a wedding. Trust us when we say ‘this will be one of the most testing and stressful times of your life’. Take a week or two away. Enjoy each other, relax in your new found engagement and, of course, knock back a few (or more) cocktails. You’ll also be pretty poor very soon, so enjoy your last holiday for a year or two!

5. The in-laws-to-be.

Has Dad shared a drink with his Dad? Your Mum gossiped with his Mum? No?! Don’t do anything out of the ordinary. Just an evening meal, in a neutral location, accompanied by a few drinks. They don’t need to become BFFs, they just need to be acquainted and, at best, exchanging phone numbers.

6. A Date with the Maid.

No one likes a cranky bride, but it happens. Your maid of honour is going to bear the brunt of ‘tensions’ that will be running high over the coming months. Take your maid of honour out for a few drinks, just you and her, and talk.

7. A Date with the Mother-in-Law.

The last thing you want for your wedding is for there to be a silly family quarrel preceding your big day. Pull on your ‘game face’, take the in-laws out for lunch and be on your best behaviour. Not only do you get the chance to lay down a few ground rules, but getting to know your future Mother-in-law never hurts.

8. Hit the Gym!

Get your workout routine started. Don’t do anything extreme (no 100 calorie diets and 10 mile runs nuh-uh) or push yourself too hard, just get down to the gym, take a few rumba classes and start getting into a weekly routine. You want to set yourself up for the next 6 months so PUSH!

9. Start saving.

Still eating out for lunch? Time for pack-lunches. Head to Costa or Starbucks before the train every morning? Time to take a home brew. Still smoking 20 a day? Time to quit. A year is 365 days, so savings each day can help contribute in a big way to your wedding. Plus, you don’t want to be the Bride who’s coughing down the aisle. Start small today!

10. Google Drive

Ok, so now you’re officially saving it’s time to start thinking about planning this wedding. By far the most helpful tool you will ever have in your planning locker will be Google drive. All your documents in one secure, easy to access place which is easy to share and updates instantly? Yes please! Start with our Budget Planner Doc…

11. Set a Month.

Summer bride? Winter bride? Spring Bride? Set a month or time of year early. Attempt to get as close to your ideal date as possible, but don’t put too much pressure on it. Just think of sweet days that mean oh-so much to both of you, or ‘real weddings’ that truly inspire you. Plus, once you have a date you can book a venue.

Seasonal Inspiration:

Summer Wedding Inspiration
Autumn Wedding Inspiration
Winter Wedding Inspiration
Spring Wedding Inspiration

12. Book a Venue

Right… so it’s starting to kinda get official. Again, we get it. Booking things like a venue may seem a little premature in the first 3 to 6 months of your engagement, but booking early can a) Ensure you get the venue you really desire b) Ensure you get the date you’re really after, and finally c) Help make the rest of planning experience sooo much easier.

Booking earlier makes questions like:

How many guests shall we have at the ceremony?

What is our overall budget?

So. Much. Easier!

13. Settle on a Colour or a Theme.

At some point you just need to MAKE A DECISION. Start discussing your theme early. Pin your fave images, pick up magazines and browse your favourite wedding blogs. We’re sure you’ll find something that captures your heart quickly. Still struggling? Take our colour theme quiz.

14. Round 1 with the Guest List.

Ready for the fight of your life? Just like a boxer, training for this fight early is going to serve you better later on. Take a moment, draft some names and pass on to the H2B. Round 2 – send a draft to the parents… Ding Ding Ding!

15. Book a Photographer and Other Confirmed Vendors Early

No doubt your wedding day remains planted firmly in the far far, faaaarrrr away future. A year or two years may seem like a faraway land, but here’s a tip from the pro’s; save £££’s by booking early. Get your 2015 or 2016 photographer at 2014 rates. Ka-ching!

Do you agree? We’d love to know what the first thing you did was after getting engaged!